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Language-specific adaptation and localization

Studio 514 specializes in the adaptation and localization of English to Quebecois French. We make our texts market-friendly and appealing by respecting and taking into consideration the differences between American, Canadian Anglophone and Francophone cultures.

Colloquial expressions, turns of phrase, illustrative examples and particularly humour are culture-specific and often simply don't work in the other language. We suggest alternatives that will make the text more attractive and engaging to the Francophone reader.

Matching the project to the right translator

The right translatorAt Studio 514 what we do is much more than merely translating words. The process starts by matching the project to the appropriate translator — always a trained professional with the pertinent expertise and sensibility to do the job right.

This results in second language documents that use a style and level of discourse that are faithful to the original and feel as if they have been custom-written for the intended readership in a voice that they identify with. Read more »

Conscientious attention to quality and detail

The entire process is imbued with attention to quality and detail. All documents are consistently proofed and re-proofed for grammatical and spelling errors as well as for stylistic consistency. We can copy-edit and adapt texts in consultation with the client or generate fresh creative and copy as required.

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  Avoiding the pitfalls of translations
Avoiding the pitfalls of translations

French tends to be between 10 and 20% wordier than English, and though this does not sound like much, it can play havoc with advertising graphics, print layouts and script timings.

Studio 514 translations and adaptations reflect this awareness to word count — we can adapt the copy to fit your layout constraints or respect the timings of your radio or TV script.

Most graphic artists find it unnerving to layout text in a language that is not their own. The lack of a working understanding of a foreign language results in erroneous hyphenation, improper punctuation, misplaced line breaks, and most egregiously, in positioning text where it doesn't go!

Obviously, this works against what the translation was aimed to do in the first place: communicate with readers in a language that is familiar to them in order to make them more receptive to your message.

Studio 514 offers graphic artist services and proofing services to make sure that the finished document is as impactful and effective as the original.

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